"12 reasons this is a terrible résumé for a mid-level employee" | Business Insider

This round-up from Business Insider of the 12 mistakes in a fake mid-level resume -- and the summary of why -- is just fantastic.

Here's the nut graf (journalism speak for "news value" or to borrow from high school "kinda like a thesis statement"):

“Many mid-level professionals simply tack on experience to their existing résumé, rather than editing the entire document,“ she says. "While it can be tempting — easier and less stressful — to just keep adding information, it’s not going to help your job search.”

True and true.

I really enjoy working with mid-career clients. They bring years of experience to their resume as they look to take their next steps or begin a possible career transition with what they've learned. As a freelance resume copywriting, they have great material to work with and they are excited about what's next, but, I see too many make some of these simple, avoidable mistakes. Don't!

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