Ready, set, go

And, we are off... 

This week, I'm publicly launching my website. 

Maybe it's the fall weather but it's hard not to be a bit nostalgic and look back on the path that led to this point. 

It mostly feels like how most change happens -- slowly in fits and spurts. Over the past years, I started to learn more about what makes a good resume and a compelling cover letter. I served on searches in my full-time communications position at UW-Madison. I began chairing search and screen committees. I saw what worked. I worked with more and more people. And then suddenly, it seemed like of course this was the next step.

After making lists after lists, here's the two reasons that floated to the top:

  1. Writing and editing, beyond being my full-time job, is one of my favorite things in the world (sorry gardening!). Writing has a characteristic to it that is very logical. There's a problem and we have to solve it. You devise a strategy and implement. And then you revise. And again... and probably a few more times. Over the course of this all, you get better at it. 
  2. I love to write, but I can't work alone in a cubicle -- I need to talk to people. When I work with clients, I'm incredibly interested in their paths and next steps whether its applying to a new job or considering a major career change. It's thrilling to work with people through these often tough and daunting choices.

In light of the Great Recession, many friends, colleagues and family members have come face-to-face with challenges to their careers, positions or their entire industry or field. Among these people, there is a very palpable sense of being stuck -- physically and mentally -- in careers or positions that can't get them to the next step.

There are a few simple best practices that help present one's life, experience and accomplishments in a strategic fashion when applying to a job. There are word choices to consider, designs or templates to try, and, resume formats and cover letter approaches that can help anyone stand out in a pool of candidates.

That's where I come in.

I know this stuff. I like this stuff. And I'm excited to take this next step. 

I plan to blog a bit more in the coming weeks and share my insight, tips and tricks. Stay tuned!