How it works

My process is thorough and detail-oriented

We start each project with a free consultation on phone or email.

I want to know: Where are you now and where are you looking to go? Short-term and long-term, what are your next-steps or career objectives? This is important so I can effectively market your achievements, experience, and skills.

During this consultation, I learn about your education, employment and future career goals. I also learn where you need help — whether it's a resume, a cover letter, a LinkedIn profile, or an admissions essay for college or graduate school. I will follow-up by email and request additional information about your job search and industry so that your final end-product is completely tailored and personalized to you.

Next, I devise a quote for you. This quote is based on the scope of work, a mutually-agreed upon timeline with key deadlines and your budget. I'll submit the quote by email so you have a copy in writing. My quotes are not estimates -- the price I give you is what you pay. The quote ensures you can budget for this project and we don't run into unexpected costs. It also lays out our respective deadlines.

Then, I get to work on your materials. I will send your proofs as Microsoft Word documents by e-mail. We will go through a two-step revision process. 

Contract and services

Once we've agreed upon the quote, I'll email you a general services agreement. It's not scary -- trust me! -- and this agreement helps us both stay on our deadlines (and ensure I am paid for my services). The contract is tailored for each client.


My copyediting services start at $60/hour and my resume packages start at $200. For reference, I use this well-known article as the basis for my services. And remember, my pricing is much more than copyediting; it includes discovery, industry research, thorough written responses, and customized feedback that gives you a professional end-product centered on you and your job search.

Rush Orders

I can do rush orders. I charge 30 percent of my project price.


Each project typically takes a week to complete. During our consultation, we'll discuss our availability and ensure the project's deadline is mutually agreed upon while we work out a quote.


I require 30 percent down payment at the start of our project. The final complete payment is made at our agreed-upon deadline. Payments can be made by check, Venmo or